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The Heart Fund


Heart disease is the second major killer in Singapore, accounting for 30.4% of all deaths in 2011. This means that almost 1 out of 3 deaths in Singapore is due to heart disease.


In 2005, The Heart Fund was started to cater to needy patients and to support both continuous medical research and education programmes in the field of cardiology so as to improve patient care.


Needy Patients


Medical Research


Education and Training

Heart diseases require costly procedures and long term medical treatment. Many needy patients are unable to afford the cost of medical treatments needed for their heart condition. The Heart Fund provides financial assistance when other avenues of financial support are not available or insufficient.


Help them receive the medical treatments they need by donating.


Our support of medical research today is our commitment to a better quality of life for our loved ones for the generations to come. The Heart Fund supports doctors and nurses embarking on research programmes that enhance the prevention, understanding and new medical findings of heart diseases.


Medical Research is a long and expensive process which requires huge amounts of funding that you can help support.

Constant upgrading of skills and acquisition of knowledge by healthcare professionals will translate into better patient care. The Heart Fund supports continuous medical education and training that is essential to the healthcare professionals.

HOW can needy patients apply
for the Heart Fund?


Donors Report

January –  December 2018


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Click on 
 NUHCS Heart Fund to make an online donation.

Click on 'Add to Cart' and 'Check Out'. You will be prompted for your personal details and payment method.

Take action today. Make a difference and give to the heart fund today by sending us a cheque, or filling up our gift form.

Please indicate 'The Heart Fund' next to Billing Organisation. 

Mail the Giro Form to us at

1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Level 9, Ops & Admin (NUHCS) - The Heart Fund, Singapore 119228 

Organise your own events and raise funds for us! Whether you're planning to fundraise on your own, with family or friends, at school or work, do it for us!


A list our donors who have given in the name of a loved one, or an organisation or corporation.  

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Give to Heart Fund

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Be part of this knowledge sharing process by giving towards this cause.


We need your generosity to help us continue our vital work and help our needy patients continue receiving these treatments. Let's beat heart disease together! Make a donation to The Heart Fund today!



NUHCS Honour Roll of Donors


Thank you. With these two words, we convey our heartfelt appreciation of your gift. 


Your generosity helps us continue our vital work in research, enhancing patient care through education and  training, and aiding our needy patients at the NUHCS. 


The NUHCS Honour Roll of Donors


S$100,000 and above

Wu Hsioh Kwang 2015 S$300,000
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited 2015 S$200,000
Wu Hsioh Kwang 2018 S$100,000
Wu Hsioh Kwang                2013 S$100,000
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited 2013 S$100,000

S$10,000 and above

Edwards Lifesciences Foundation 2017 S$96,048.30
Edwards Lifesciences Foundation 2018 S$67,855
Prof. Sydney Brenner 2015 S$40,000
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited 2017 S$22,000

Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited

2018 S$20,000

Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited

2016 S$20,000

Granz Holding Pte Ltd

2014 S$20,000

Henry Ng Eng Wah

2018 S$15,000

Henry Ng Eng Wah

2017 S$15,000

In Memory of Lim Siew Bee

2018 S$11,000
Tai Swee Cheow 2014 S$10,100
Lee Tian Yew 2015 S$10,016
Mdm Susan Soh 2018 S$10,000
Ho Ching 2018 S$10,000
Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd 2018 S$10,000
Susan Soh 2017 S$10,000

Ashley Silveira & Anita Smith

2017 S$10,000

Edward Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

2016 S$10,000

Susan Soh

2016 S$10,000

Mdm Susan Soh Shin Yann and Mr Lee Sze Hao

2015 S$10,000

Ng Ai Kwan

2015 S$10,000

Ng Foundation Limited

2015 S$10,000

Oo Soon Hee

2015 S$10,000

Mdm Goh Tan 吴等  "怀念妈妈吴等、谢谢您的养育和爱" 

2015 S$10,000
Causeway Link 2014 S$10,000
Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd 2014 S$10,000
Susan Soh 2013 S$10.000
Henry Ng Eng Wah 2013 S$10,000
Siemens Pte Ltd 2011 S$10,000
In memory of Francis Lau Wen Bun                                  2010 S$10,000




Fundraising events

Organise your own events and raise funds for us! Whether you're planning to fundraise on your own, with family or friends, at school or work, do it for us!


  • There are several ways of doing a fundraiser – a stall at a fair, an auction, organize a run, have a party or even, turn your annual company dinner to a charity fundraising event.
  • We'd be happy to offer some friendly advice if you require help on organizing the event

The Heart Fund, NUHCS, received a generous donation of $100,000 from SchrodersSingapore at the muscial pantomime "Jack and the Bean-Sprout!"! 

Read more about the event here

Corporate Partnership

Sponsor our campaigns, events, talks or publications and show your company's commitment to a cause that affects everyone and make an impact on the heart health of the nation. Email us at nuhcs@nuhs.edu.sg.



Contact Us


If you wish to find out more, please call email us at nuhcs@nuhs.edu.sg with your contact details and we will get in touch with you shortly.