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Body SOS — Spreading the Message on Hypertension

Body SOS — Spreading the Message on Hypertension


Want to know how you can control your blood pressure? Get the tips from our doctor who appeared in a recent episode of Body SOS.

I was invited to be on Channel 8's Body SOS programme (小毛病,大问题, Season 7, Episode 26) in December 2018. In this episode featuring hypertension, I addressed issues such as the correct way of reading blood pressure, risk factors of high blood pressure, and complications, as well as how to maintain a healthy range.

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Having been on a few "serious" TV health shows before, this programme surprised me with its refreshingly natural and light-hearted approach. Host Mark Lee and the celebrity guests were affable and entertaining on and off camera. One of my experience highlights was the opportunity to take Ms. Pan Ling Ling's blood pressure!

Watch this episode here!

By: Asst. Prof. Lim Toon Wei