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Celebrating The Nation's 53rd Birthday — Flying the NUHCS Flag High at NDP 2018

Celebrating The Nation's 53rd Birthday — Flying the NUHCS Flag High at NDP 2018


In conjunction with National University Heart Centre, Singapore's (NUHCS) 10th Anniversary, NUHCS is proud to be a part of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2018. As the Contingent Commander for the National University Health System (NUHS) marching contingent, Asst. Prof. Yeo Tee Joo recounts his first-hand experience.

A Proud Moment for NUHCS 

For the first time in our history, NUHS was invited to participate in the NDP 2018 to celebrate Singapore's 53rd birthday. This was a golden opportunity to showcase NUHS in front of our nation.

NUHCS proudly formed a significant proportion of the marching contingent from NUHS. This included myself and 12 other volunteers: Shariffah Bte Hussain, Loh Sim Yee, Lim Yan Ling, Tan Shu Zhen Susan, Loke Siew Hong Francis, Nassrin Yap Li Mee, Goh Xiang Jin, Lam So Shan Susan, Ma Kelian, Bam Bi Na, Nur Afifah Binte Hazali and Lee Xin Yu Jasmine.  


The NUHCS team were all smiles during the appreciation dinner for NDP 2018.

A United Spirit

Most of us had little marching experience to begin with, but it did not dampen our spirits. Be it rain or shine, we were fully committed to a whole day of training every Saturday, which took place at NUHS, Nee Soon Camp and finally the Floating Platform. After four months of hard work, everyone was marching in sync and manoeuvring the NUHS banner like professionals.

Backed by unwavering support from our senior management, the contingent did NUHS and NUHCS proud with a wonderful performance on 9 August 2018, which will live in our memories for a long time to come. We are ONE- We are NUHCS!


By Asst. Prof. Yeo Tee Joo