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Delving Into Heart Failure, LVAD And Transplants — Learning And Working At Cleveland Clinic

Delving Into Heart Failure, LVAD And Transplants — Learning And Working At Cleveland Clinic

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Light-hearted moment with my other advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology fellows in Cleveland Clinic.

As doctors gain more experience and medical know-how, patients stand to benefit from quality care. Thus, National University Heart Centre, Singapore continuously supports our doctors with training opportunities to further expand their skills and expertise. Read to find out more about Asst. Prof. Lin Weiqin's one-year fellowship journey in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Dream Come True

Heart failure is a fast-growing field, with new medications and devices being developed at breakneck speed. I have always aspired to apply innovative treatment modalities in managing heart failure in Singapore.

It was thus a privilege for me to be given an opportunity to pursue a one-year advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

Learning and Working in Cleveland Clinic

During my fellowship, I was exposed to a wide variety of complex heart failure cases. Under the guidance of heart failure cardiologists from Cleveland Clinic, Like Dr. David Taylor and Dr. Randall Starling, I had the chance to hone my clinical skills.

I worked closely with the surgical team, selecting patients suitable for left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation1 or heart transplantation, as well as providing post-surgery cardiology care.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Wilson Tang, Heart Failure Research Director, Cleveland Clinic, I also participated in a multi-centre study that looks into echocardiographic2 right ventricular failure3 in LVAD patients. I look forward to publishing our findings soon.

Time to Unwind

Outside work, my wife and I spent our time enjoying the outdoors and travelling the country. We were truly awed by the wonderful sights nature provided us.

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During our free time, I enjoyed exploring the beautiful outdoors with my wife.


By Asst. Prof Lin Weiqin

1A mechanical pump that is surgically implanted to help the left chamber of the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body.

2Echocardiography is the use of ultrasound waves to examine the heart.
3Occurs when the right chamber of the heart is not pumping as efficiently as it should be.