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For Patients & Visitors

Charges & Payment

Charges & Payment

For Yourself or Immediate Family Members

You may use your Medisave to pay the hospital bill for yourself or your immediate family members. In this case, your immediate family members refer to:

  1. Spouse/ Immediate Partner
  2. Child/ Children
  3. Parents
  4. Grandparents (In order for this to be applicable, your grandparent must be either a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident)

You will also have to inform our staff of your decision to use Medisave to pay for the patient’s hospital bill upon his or her admission.

To apply for the coverage, you will have to bring along either your NRIC, passport or CPF membership card. You will also need to authorise Central Provident Fund (CPF) board to make the deduction from your Medisave account by signing the Medical Claims Authorisation Form.

For Non-Immediate Family Members

You may also use your Medisave to pay the hospital bill for your non-immediate family members. In this case, your non-immediate family members refer to:

  1. Siblings (e.g. Brothers and Sisters)
  2. Uncles and Aunts
  3. In-laws
  4. Nieces and Nephews

You may use your Medisave to pay the hospital bill of the aforementioned non-immediate family members provided that the patient:

  1. Is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  2. Is staying in a B2 or C-class Ward
  3. Does not have a Medisave account himself or herself
  4. Does not have immediate family members who have enough Medisave funds or can afford to pay for the hospital bill
  5. Is a dependent of the Medisave account holder

For more information on the eligibility of Medisave, you may want to visit:

Medishield Life is a basic health insurance plan which provides coverage for large hospital bills and outpatient treatments such as dialysis and cancer chemotherapy. Medishield Life is sized for subsidized treatment in public healthcare institutions. 

Medishield Life has replaced Medishield and will offer:

  1. Better protection and higher payouts and as such patients will pay less Medisave/cash for large hospital bills
  2. Protection for ALL Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  3. Life Coverage

Patients who are staying in Class A/B1 wards or in private hospitals are also covered by the plan. However, as the payouts are pegged at Class B2/C wards, the payouts will not cover the entire bill and patients will therefore have to pay for the remaining sums.

Schemes & Subsidies

Singaporeans are eligible for a range of schemes and subsidies, for example, Medisave and Medishield.

Click HERE to find out what are the schemes and subsidies you are eligible to apply for.

For all bill payment options, please click here.