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NUHCS Honour Roll of Donors

NUHCS Honour Roll of Donors

Thank you. With these two words, we convey our heartfelt appreciation of your gift.

Your generosity helps us continue our vital work in research, enhancing patient care through education and training as well as to aid our financially disadvantaged patients at the NUHCS.

NUHCS Honour Roll of Donors
S$100,000 and above
​Rongzi 蓉子
​Wu Hsioh Kwang​2021​S$100,000
​Wu Hsioh Kwang​2020​S$100,000
​Wu Hsioh Kwang2018​S$100,000​
Wu Hsioh Kwang2015S$300,000
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited2015S$200,000
Wu Hsioh Kwang2013S$100,000
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited2013S$100,000
S$10,000 and above
​Boston Scientific Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
​Mr Ben Yeo Chee Seong and TCRE Partners Pte Ltd
​Medtronic International Ltd
​Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd2022​S$20,000​
​​​In loving memory of Auntie Chan Wai Wah
​Savitri and B K Iyer
​Chandra Prakash Khetan​2021​S$25,000
​Ms Ho Ching​2021​S$25,000
​Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd​2021​S$20,000
​​In loving memory of Auntie Chan Wai Wah​2021​​S$15,000
​In loving memory of Chng Siew Hong​2021​S$10,000
​Mdm Susan Soh​2021​S$10,000
​Chandra Prakash Khetan2020​​S$25,000
​In loving memory of Auntie Chan Wai Wah​2020​S$15,000
Edwards Lifesciences Foundation​2020​S$13,237
​Ho Ching​2020​S$10,000
​Hoong Bee Lok​2020​S$10,000
​Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd​2020​S$10,000
​​Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd​2019​S$20,000
​Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited​2019​S$20,000
Mdm Leung Wai Fong 梁惠芳女士2019S​$12,720
​Ho Ching​​2019​S​$10,000
​Mdm ​Susan Soh​2019​S$10,000
​Edwards Lifesciences Foundation2018​​S$67,855
​Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited2018​​S$20,000
​Henry Ng Eng Wah2018​​S$15,000
​In Memory of Lim Siew Bee​2018S$11,000​
Mdm ​Susan Soh2018​​S$10,000
​Ho Ching2018 ​​S$10,000
​​Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd​2018S$10,000​
Edwards Lifesciences Foundation2017S$96,048.30
​Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited ​2017​S$22,000
Henry Ng Eng Wah2017S$15,000
​Ashley Silveira & Anita Smith​2017S$10,000​
​Susan Soh​2017S$10,000​
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited2016S$20,000
Edward Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd2016S$10,000
Susan Soh2016S$10,000
Prof. Sydney Brenner​2015​S$40,000
​Lee Tian Yew​2015​S$10,016
​Mdm Goh Tan "怀念妈妈吴等、谢谢您的养育和爱"​2015​S$10,000
Mdm Susan Soh Shin Yann and Mr Lee Sze Hao2015S$10,000
Ng Ai Kwan2015S$10,000
Ng Foundation Limited2015S$10,000
Oo Soon Hee2015S$10,000
​Granz Holding Pte Ltd​2014​$20,000
​Tai Swee Cheow​2014​s$10,100
Causeway Link2014S$10,000
Liannex Corporation(S) Pte Ltd2014S$10,000
​Henry Ng Eng Wah​2013​S$10,000
Susan Soh2013S$10,000
Siemens Pte Ltd
In memory of Francis Lau Wen Bun2010S$10,000