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Support Groups & Programmes

Support Groups & Programmes

Who We Are

Caring Hearts Support Group (CHSG) is a voluntary initiative by patients of National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS). The support group is established with the aim to support one another in our journey to remain heart healthy. 

Our Vision and Mission

To build an inspiring and caring heart patient support group that brings positive changes to the lives of heart patients and our community.

What We Do

The H.E.L.P Progamme Initiatives is designed and supported by CHSG. Through passion and care, and with the continued educational and training support from NUHCS, we aim to instill friendship and bonding amongst heart patients to foster a heart healthy lifestyle through these initiatives. 

H - Healing Towards a Healthy Heart (We work together towards attaining and sustaining a healthy heart).
E - Empower, Educate and Exercise (Through this partnership, we empower each other through education and exercise to achieve our objectives).
L - Balanced Lifestyle and Love (We promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle filled with meaning, love and laughter through friendship and social activities).
P - Perseverance, Progress and Prevent (We work towards supporting each other to persevere and overcome challenges in our heath progress in preventing heart attacks, blocked arteries, chronic diseases, and other heart related issues). 

We organise:

  • Monthly Walks 
  • Educational Talks
  • Exercise Sessions
  • Sharing/Networking Sessions
  • Social Get Together
  • Community Engagement and Events
Stay connected with other heart patients and the hospital. Make a difference in another heart patient's life. Join us in our activities!

If you are a heart patient and have completed your basic cardiac rehabilitation at National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS), and want to be connected with other heart patients, join us and be a member!

Membership is FREE! The only criteria? A passionate Heart. 

Click here to learn more about CHSG.

CHSG Brochure

Contact Us

To volunteer with us, please fill in the form here and our team will be in touch with you soon. For more information or to be a member, please contact our coordinators: Stewart Tai / Magdalene Chia at

Being a caregiver for your loved ones can be a fulfilling and meaningful role. The journey can even help to strengthen the relationship between both of you. However, there can be times when caregivers like yourself, face challenges such as finding the relevant caregiving resources and acquiring more information about your loved one's condition. Some of you may also feel inadequate in care management of your loved ones or feel isolated in your caregiving journey. Support given to tackle these common challenges faced by caregivers can boost your skills, knowledge and confidence to help you cope better in your caregiving journey. In turn, this will enhance the well-being of the loved ones you are taking care of. 

There are different types of support groups and programmes which you and/or your loved one can join. Click here and fill up a few questions on the form to access a list of support groups and psychosocial and educational programmes tailored to your needs.

For more information on patient and caregiver support, please visit