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2017 National Day Awards Investiture: Long Service Awardees

2017 National Day Awards Investiture: Long Service Awardees

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Three staff from National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS) were presented the Long Service Award on 21 November 2017 for their loyalty and dedication to the organisation. They share their motivations and what keeps them going at work.

"The satisfaction of seeing Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) patients make improvements and continue to lower their risk of chronic illness is my primary motivation at work.

I especially enjoy my work in the CR Programme, which educates patients on how to restructure their lifestyle so that they are able to live in a heart healthy manner.

I hope more patients will consider participating in the CR Programme as it aims to help them regain strength, prevent their conditions from worsening and reduce their risk of future heart problems."

Ms. Lai Shuet Ming
Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme
Years of service: 29 Years

"My work involves caring for cardiac patients. I achieve great satisfaction when I see my patients recovering well and when providing emotional support to them and their loved ones. I had a patient who had advanced heart failure and was waiting for a transplant.

She was admitted to the CCU after a cardiac arrest but her stay was complicated by low blood pressure and multiple organs failure. At that point, I knew that death was imminent. Knowing the grave prognosis and after obtaining consent from her husband, I offered her teenage son to see a crisis counsellor but he politely declined. "

Ms. Lo Chew Yong
Advanced Practice Nurse (Acute Care), Coronary Care Unit, Ward 28
Years of service: 25 Years

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"I enjoy interacting with patients and providing them the encouragement to persevere on their treadmill procedure, which is used to determine how well their heart responds when it is working the hardest. My work also involves making all the necessary preparations for the arrival of patients.

I attended to a patient who came to the diagnostic cardiac lab for her procedure. She was undergoing a turbulent time because of her illness, and broke down while sharing with me the struggles that she faced. I listened to her, and encouraged her to be strong and persevere on for her family.

I was glad that she felt better through my small actions."

Ms. Jeevaratnam D/O Sinnappan
Medical Technologist, Diagnostic Cardiac Lab
Years of Service: 29 Years