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65th American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions 2016

65th American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions 2016

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Formed in 1949, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) has since grown into a network of more than 50,000 medical professionals striving to advance cardiology globally. Dr. Gavin Ng and Asst. Prof. Joshua Loh presented our key highlights at the 2016 ACC Scientific Session.

Sharing the Latest Cardiology Findings

The ACC Scientific Session 2016 was held in Chicago, United States, from 2-4 April and was attended by a large National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS) delegation. A/Prof. James Yip and Asst. Prof. Edgar Tay gave their insights, from an Asian perspective, in a joint ACC-Singapore Cardiac Society (SCS) session on pulmonary hypertension.

NUHCS presenters included Dr. Tan Li Ling, Dr. William Kong, Asst. Prof. Joshua Loh, A/Prof. Mark Chan, Dr. Aruni Senevitrana and Dr. Gavin Ng (refer to PULSE Issue 27, Page 30). Dr. Tan Li Ling’s research papers were based on nationwide data, with A/Prof. Mark Chan as the senior investigator, while Dr. William Kong’s presentation was based on a NUHCS- Leiden University Medical Centre collaborative valve registry, which garnered much interest.

The International Stage Dr. Elaine Boey, Dr. Robin Cherian, Dr. William Kristanto and Dr. Chan Po Fun presented interesting posters showcasing fascinating cases. Dr. Eugene Tan also presented his collaborative work and both Dr. Elaine Boey and him did NUHCS proud by winning the best posters for their individual categories.

NUHCS has made a mark on the International Stage, demonstrating our strength in education and our dedication in grooming our young talent pool of doctors.

Asst. Prof. Joshua Loh was proudly elected as a Fellow during the Annual Convocation Ceremony, with A/Prof. Poh Kian Keong attending as the President of SCS. We also discovered the latest developments in cardiology through recent trials, special lectures and symposiums by eminent cardiologists worldwide.

In summary, the ACC Scientific Sessions 2016 was an excellent platform for our NUHCS doctors to showcase their work on the diagnosis, management and prevention of cardiovascular disease to an international audience.

By Asst. Prof. Joshua Loh and Dr. Gavin Ng