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Heart Health

Sharing Expertise in Vascular Surgery

Sharing Expertise in Vascular Surgery


Course Director and Lead Faculty Dr. Rajesh (second from the right) with Dr. Peter Chang (Faculty) (far right) and delegates from South East Asia.

Hands-on Training on Regional Specialists

Over the years, the NUHCS' Division of Vascular Surgery has been sharing their expertise with physicians across the Asia Pacific region. This year, the division is running a series of workshops on vascular pathology for regional specialists.

In collaboration with the medical device industry, two workshops were held from 26 to 27 March and 16 to 17 April 2019. Both workshops received full attendance by physicians from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Each of the two-day peripheral vascular workshops included a series of lectures, live demonstrations in hybrid operating theatre, post-procedure debriefing sessions and hands-on practices with stimulators.

As the Course Director, I am tremendously proud of the faculty and the positive feedback from the participants. We will be organising at least five more workshops featuring aortic and peripheral endovascular procedures in the coming months.


Participants from various Asian countries consisting of interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons.

Cultivating Awareness of Vascular Conditions Management

We have also conducted research studies to enhance our understanding of vascular pathology and treatment response. In the future, we hope to develop collective expertise by  proctoring in heart centres across the region.

 By: Dr. Dharmaraj Rajesh Babu